System Components


The above components are included in the basic
OculoCAM for Smartphone kit, in a zipper pouch.

The basic components of the OculoCAM system include:

  • The Plate-Spindle Bracket and Camera Support Arm
    This patented removable third slit lamp arm supports the smartphone or camera for images made independent of the slit lamp optical system. It provides a stable platform for the camera and allows adjustment of the camera-subject distance for magnification and slit lamp integration. It will support still images and videos from full face to minute anterior segment detail.
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    sys4 sys6

  • The Universal Ocular Attachment
    This adjustable ring clamp will attach either to the ocular or the knurled ring behind it depending on the slit lamp model. It allows the camera lens to be positioned in front of the ocular and on the same axis for images made using the slit lamp optics regardless of smartphone make, model, or camera lens position.
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    sys9 sys10

  • The Adhesive Gel Pad and Accessory Lens Platform
    This injection molded polycarbonate platform with polyurethane adhesive gel pad is friction-fitted to the camera support arm or the ocular ring clamp to accommodate any smartphone regardless of the phone shell design or camera lens placement. Slots in the top of the platform accept standard plus power trial case lenses to adjust the focus for the desired magnification in the macro mode.
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    sys22 sys23

  • The Single LED Clip-on light on an adjustable arm
    This battery operated light provides focused illumination for both external images and ones taken through the ocular. It is attached to the slit lamp headrest band and positioned for direct illumination or to provide peripheral light to increase contrast.

    sys24 sys25
  • The Nylon case with zipper closure
    This small case will accommodate the above equipment and instruction manual. A luggage style case is available in limited quantities as an alternative. (See below)


    Optional Equipment:

  • The small camera tripod mount and light bracket
    This injection molded attachment holds the independent small camera via the tripod socket and also supports the 24 LED ring light surrounding the camera lens barrel. It is also friction-fitted to the hardware for both external mounting and attachment to the ocular. (It is included with the luggage-style case.)


  • The 24 LED ring light.
    This fixture places a ring of LED lights in the plane of the independent camera lens and concentric with it. Because of the fixed position of the smartphone camera lens, this light is not ideal for the smartphone camera as it generates unwanted corneal reflections. However, it can be hand held as a cold accessory light for full face photography with the smartphone. (Included with luggage case, but can be purchased separately.)
  • sys28

  • The luggage style hard case (Limited quantities)
    This elegant case will accommodate all of the above equipment including the adhesive gel pad and will function as a desk stand for the assembled external photo system. It will also hold the point-and-shoot camera with the tripod mount attached. One or more adhesive gel pads can be placed in the top compartment.

    sys29 sys30
  • Slipcase for the luggage style case (above)
    This soft case provides a cover and handles for the luggage case for travel.